Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Liesha's 30 BEFORE 30 List

Finally! I'm 28 now! WOW, that was fast...
I don't won't my 20s to go by without something meaningful...
This is my 30 Before 30 List. My rule is simple: I have to do that only from 29 June 2011 until 29 June 2013. It's my two year project and I'm so excited to start it. This are the things that I have been longing to make/do and things that are new for me.
Well, here we go:

1. Decide to have a tattoo or not. (Have decided! 6 March 2013)
2. Make a portfolio of my photo shoots.
3. Take my mum on a trip. (Phuket, May 2012)
4. Find a karaoke song that I can actually sing.
5. Make an album of my MDP 105 year.
6. Apply another scholarship.
7. Apply a foreign language course.
8. Know how it feels to fly.
9. Make an self-artistic photo shoot.
10. Wear a bikini on the beach.
11. Learn how to drive a car.
12. Paint on canvas.
13. Ride an elephant.
14. Learn how to make 5 national dishes.
15. Go on a solo trip. (Cambodia, March 2012)
16. See a concert. (Katy Perry's concert, January 2012)
17. Have a tea party.
18. Get a job I like.
19. Fly a kite.
20. Read all of Paulo Coelho books.
21. Make a 52 Project.
22. Make a homemade bag.
23. Be a vegetarian for a month.
24. Pay dinner for a random person.
25. Make a street art project.
26. Have a silly video on Youtube.
27. Bake a cake. (cousin's 11-11-11 wedding cake!)
28. Finish "Friends" the complete 10 seasons. (starting the first season)
29. Go on a volunteer project.
30. Celebrate the last day of my 20s in style!

We'll see how it goes! :)


  1. So, this is the 30 list :D
    Good one..
    Reading your list, there are some of them that I wanna do as well (but not necessarily before 30), 1,6,7,9,12,15,16,18,25,27.
    Hope you can really make them all come true before 30! Bonne chance!

  2. Thank you Bin :D
    Making a list like this is so muuuuch fun! I can't wait to cross those list =)
    Btw, never knew you would like to bake hehehe...

  3. I love your list :) I have been working on a 30 before 30 as well, but haven't published it yet :)

  4. Hey Liesh! So, this is it. A two-year project of full excitement! :)
    By the way, I'm also making such list at the moment but it's not finished yet. One of them is similar with your #7. I really want to learn new language while improving my rusty French..
    Bonne chance !!!

  5. @Hannah: Thank you! You should totally publish it! Can't wait to see yours :)

    @Bama: Yup! This is it! Even making the list is so much fun... Doing it would be even better! :)