Friday, January 13, 2012


My first youtube video ever!!! Boy oh boy... such a scary video (and very bad imitation of Katy Perry) that is so perfect for this Friday the 13th! That's right, today is Friday the 13th, the first time I uploaded my youtube video. I've been busy preparing for this video and doing some photo shoots for this 2 weeks because I really really wanted to win a ticket for Katy Perry concert (see my link on how I didn't get the ticket) and specially I wanted to win the meet and greet with her. And don't you think that I'm TOO OLD for this stuff? Well, actually, I kinda thought about it, but I think that this is my time. Later on in my life I can buy other tickets of Katy Perry, but the matter is that I want it now, at this very moment, at my 20s, so what ever the price I have to pay, I think it's worth it. This is part of my resolution, just celebrate while it is time to celebrate and not think too much! Just have fun!

If you happened to knew me back in school, you'll probably find me so shy. I never liked singing nor talking in front of the class (don't ask about dancing!). So, making this, well, kinda crazy video is way way out of my comfort zone. Why I did this? Because it's a once in a life time craziness that young people just do hahaha... Why I wanted to broadcast myself in youtube for my 30BEFORE30? Youtube is a very cool invention in my generation! I have to have at least one video! =) That's all the reason there is to tell.

So, here it is as embarrassing as it can be, well, I just hoped that it gives so laughter =)
May I present you, the first of it's kind, my imitation of Katy Perry's E.T.!!!!

What do you think??


  1. I just have to say that you have inspired me to make my own video in youtube :) And I think that I have to start my 30B30 list a.s.a.p, LOL!

  2. hahaha! can't wait to see yours! or maybe you'll make it on the next trip? :P making your 30B30? but you're only 25 :P