Thursday, October 18, 2012

Print and stick

After reading some thoughts in Facebook, I decided I like this one, about keeping our life simple. I like, so I print it, then I sitck it! That simple! :)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Animal Market

Last weekend, I went to the animal market in my hometown Yogyakarta, called PASTHY, to buy some birds that we will let it go. It's a Chinese custom to set free birds or turtle for good luck. We bought about 135 little birds to be set free.

The birds we bought

The animal market itself is an interesting place, you get to see many animals for sale. I personally don't like the idea of animal in a cage, because it's not want the are meant to be. But it's a very old market and people have done it since a very long time ago. This is some animals I got to capture, we got there a bit to late and lots of stall have been close. There are so much animal you can find, like dogs, cats, squirrel, lizard, bird, chicken, bat, snake, and many more.

Colorful chicks, weird!

Pretty pigeons

Bats that woke up a day time

I bet the chicken outside the cage want his friend to be outside too!

Singing bird

They even sold owls!!! Just like in Harry Potter! Pick your own owl!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Those cute little things...

It's been a while since I have time to go to the mall! Can't believe that happened! It's not that I have to always go there, but once a while will be okay. It's been about two or three months! So this lovely weekend, I decided to go to a new mall, just to check some few things. Actually, I'm doing a little research about opening a shop at the mall. While I'm there, I can't help to buy some few things.

This cute ring

A rabbit headphone plug for my friend

A big flower hair band for my friend's baby girl

This cute belt for me!

Then I bought four plain colored t-shirts to match my new look I'm working on :) Lots of things I want to buy but I didn't :( and then I saw this lovely mother and child thing:

There's just so much cuteness in one day! Hahaha...

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quote of the month

It's really a poem rather than a quote... It describes how I feet right now. I read it in one of Paulo Coelho's old post. It's about the feeling of total acceptance. Right now, I don't know where I'm going, but I will follow that guide that is inside of my heart, the one who tells me what to do and where to go. I guess I just need to listen to it more often. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


There not much words to describe how much excited I was when I first saw this movie thriller

TED - The movie

OMG!!! A story about a TEDDY BEAR and it's alive! What more fantasy could I wanted? If you don't know me yet, well, I'm a Teddy Bear lover since I could remember. I have one specific Teddy which I love and have been with me since I was 5.

Three generations and a Teddy Bear
My Teddy has been everywhere with me. The truth is that I still sleep with him/her (?). So seeing TED makes all of my fantasy come to life!! I kinda wish that my Teddy will come alive too, what a wonderful it would be! HAHAHA...

Well, when I was little, I have a dream to take my Teddy to go around the world with me, but since she/he (?) is a bit to big, specially for an adult (ehm..) like me, I decided to bring a model one which is smaller. But if latter on in my life I would move to a another city or country, I would definitely bring my Teddy with me.

Too put off a little bit of guilt, not bringing my Teddy to my travels, I thought it would be appropriate to take him/her with me to see the movie TED which is in theater last September (in my country). So, I took my Teddy in my backpack and brought him/her back to my hometown and we watched TED together! I kinda wanted to buy a seat for her/him, but I guess that's just too much hahaha! Well, thank you for the great creators of TED for making my dreams come to movie! You guys are amazing!

Teddy in a backpack
Me and Teddy (and my mum) watching TED
Well, I don't know how long we will be together. I'm married and still have m Teddy Bear, so I guess that's great, isn't it? My dream is to have a beautiful ending like this:

a happy family and a teddy bear

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fresh start in October

October is already here! OMG! I usually don't really care about this kinda stuff, but now I care so much because of this three reasons:

  1. My 30B30 is still a long list to finish to goand time is running against me!
  2. I'm gonna be 30 next year! The worst part is that I'm not even close to the image I made for myself as a thirty something woman (not girl again)
  3. I don't have any mayor plan (yet) for next year (help!)
So, all of that adds up with the job that I don't like, leaves me freaking out!
To help me feel a little bit better, I bought myself a new small classy netbook! I wanna new fresh start plus I really need one. I love love love my MacBook so much, but since my Macbook has no battery anymore, it's hard for me to move around. Then there's the budget thing, I could not buy another Macbook, so my choice is to buy a battery or a small non-apple netbook. After the pros and cons of everything, I decided to buy a 10 inch non-apple netbook. The reasons are: it is small enough, but not too small, and I love the battery life which is 12 hours (said in the brochure and web). Well, it's not a Macbook, but I'm quite okay with it so far because it's what I needed right now. I know that netbooks are so over right now, maybe this is the last of  it's kind, and people will choose tablets, but this one really suits me! So this is my choice:

It's not an Apple, so it will be a Teddy!