Thursday, November 17, 2011

The day I bake a cake

One more thing on my 30 Before 30 that I did! YAY! I didn't have time to take pictures when I was making the cake because it was a hectic day, but this is how it turned-out after me and my mum decorated it. I'm so proud of what I did. I'm a person who loves handmade things. For special people, I always try to make handmade things for a gift...

Why did I want to bake a cake? Because I was born from a mother who make cakes! This is me somewhere in 1984. This was my mum's cake shop. It's called Nirmala. She sell snacks, drinks, and also make cakes. I remembered when I was little I got my own baking set that looked like real! I also remembered that I somehow had helped my mum making cookies… It's funny, because growing up, I never thought of learning or even wanting to bake cakes. I was busy with computers instead :P

Those happy memories of cakes and cookies made me want to learn how to bake a cake! And it will be a great thing to bake a cake for a special occasion: my cousin's wedding! To even top it, it's the 11-11-11 Wedding! I got this idea 2 weeks before the wedding. I imagined making a beauty white three tier cake with red flowers flowing down.

So on 10th November, I started my first lesson in baking a cake from my fabulous mother (love you Mum!). We only have a small oven, so it took quit a long time, but it's good for a first time learning because I make not only one, but four trays of cake. The first one, my mum help me by showing how it's done. There's some tricks that's not written in the book! Then I made the rest. All of the cakes turned out beautiful and it smelled so good too! I didn't burned or undercooked any… YAY! And it tasted great! Nice going on my first try. I will surely bake more cakes in the future… I loved it! I'm planning to buy my own oven next December =)


  1. Delivery service to Jakarta please...

  2. HAHAHA... you come here, then MAYBE I'll make you some :P