Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Teddy Bear Story #1

One day, Teddy was walking alone in the fields.
Suddenly, the old southern wind past by and blown away his red scarf. It was his favorite scarf. Teddy was sad.
He asked the little white flowers. "It went that way!", said the flowers pointing to the woods.
Teddy went in to the woods but he still could not find it.
He search the whole field until it was almost dark. Then the sun said, "You should go home now."
So Teddy went home. He was so sad.
But then, he heard a soft whisper, "Here's your scarf."
Teddy look up and there it was. It was his favorite scarf!
It was hanging by the red stem plants.
The southern wind had accidentally blown Teddy's scarf then it returned the scarf to Teddy's house.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Have you ever been at a crossroad? I bet you have. Well, I've been reading my old blog that I started in 2007, and I figured-out that there were many crossroads that I have traveled through 2007-2011. I kinda felt funny when reading my thoughts back then. It almost sounds like a different me hahaha...

Since I was little until college, I took the kinda straight way, not much crossroad as I remembered. That's why until now, I still find it difficult to make up my mind. Sometimes I over think it too much, but in other times I don't think at all! I haven't find a comfortable way yet, but I guess I'm still learning about it (a lot!). The best way to do it is, think well, but not too much! Easy to say but hard to do!

After reading my old blog, I discovered there is one road path that I have left but worth to find again. Something I want so badly back then (and still do!). I want to find that road again. It's not that I'am sorry of how my life turns out, but if that road still opens for me, why not?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My dad, the giant =)

It's a fun thing to write about! My dad sure looks BIG than those kids. He's like a giant in the land of little people! It reminded me of the story "Gulliver's Travels". HAHAHA...

The photos I captured were located at a chinese cemetery in Wonosobo, Central Java. It was the day that my family visited our ancestor and pray for them. When we were there, there were two little girls from the nearby neighborhood that came and play. I guess they were amused by how BIG my dad is! LOL... It's not usual for the people in that village to be so big like that.

Those two kids, named Tuti (the white shirt) and Nani (the red shirt) spend their play time at the cemetery. They were not afraid. It's usual for them because there were no other place to play. What a life!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

BRIDA by Paulo Coelho

Brida was written about two decades ago, but yet it is still so related with today's life. That's what I call classic! So brilliant and beautifully written by Paulo Coelho. I know about Paulo Coelho years before, but never was interested to read his novel until now. I was interested in Brida after several times, when I was looking of quotes on life that 'fits' me the most, I always stumble with the quotes from Brida. I became curious on the story. It's about a young girl in search of her Gift. She is a free-spirited soul that I love to know about. I know it's fiction, but it really captured the uncertainty of life, the way to choose a path in life, and the way to learn about life in it's simplicity. It's a beautiful reading.

This is the quote that I really want to consider from now on:
"God reveals himself in everything,
but the word is one of his favorite ways of taking action,
because the word is thought transformed into vibration.
The word has greater power that many rituals."

I want to write a lot in the future, for that, I will try to always consider the words that came out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan and The Tsunami

Tsunami, (Japanese: 津波, lit. "harbor wave";[1] Japanese pronunciation: [tsɯnami]; English pronunciation: /tsuːˈnɑːmi/ tsoo-NAH-mee or /suːˈnɑːmi/ soo-NAH-mee[2]) is a series of water waves (also called a tsunami wave train[3]) caused by the displacement of a large volume of a body of water, usually an ocean, though it can occur in large lakes. (from wikipedia.com)

Japan is country that has the most tsunami in the world. The name tsunami is even from the Japanese language. This week, at 11 March 2011, after a big earthquake (8.9SR), the tsunami hits Japan. In just a few hours, it hits the land of Sendai. See how many life's that is destroyed? It was too big to handle. We disaster comes like this, don't we feel like we are so small and fragile as a being in this earth?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

never is an awfully long time...

I captured this little girl picture when I was at a fair. She remains me so much of Wendy's Peter Pan. When Peter ask Wendy to be a child forever and NEVER grow up, I bet Wendy had a dilemma. She was so sad to leave Peter, but she finally chooses to go back to her family and be a grown-up woman. I always thought it as sad ending :( In some point of my life, I've been there.

Quote of the month

This morning I read this very awakening quote in my lecture's FB wall:

So have you ever think about it? "what are people thinking of you?" Does that really matter? How many times in our life that we made decisions based on what other people think? Or should I reverse it, how many times we made it not based on what other people think? Isn't it amusing why we sometimes complain about our life but never look back on how we made that decisions at the first place?

I found Max has a very good point. So next time I'm making a decision, I will remember this quote.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

there's something about french women

As a young woman, I have an interest in French women. I loved the glamour yet so simple style, it's kinda hard to describe. It's like they were born already having those quality of life without even trying too hard. The sexiness, confidence, glamourous, and above it all, it seems that they can enjoy life so much! I don't now where or when I got that image about french women, but I do remembered after watching Audrey Tautou's "Amelie", I started to fond the lifestyle of french women.

Enjoying life pleasure from a young age! (from the movie "Amelie")


Life! I guess it's a big topic to talk about. I'm writing this blog not about my life, but about life in general. Before I started to make this blog, I remembered that since I was a child, I always liked to see other kid's life. I remembered I always liked to read and watch television shows about what's life in other countries. I was and still will be fascinated with it! I love to know, learn, and get inspired from other people's life. That's what I want to share with you... some captures of life. I like to capture moments and events, not only in pictures, but in words and songs. So this is life, life as it is :) Enjoy!