Thursday, March 1, 2012

My 52 Project of Things That Make Me Smile

For my 52 project, I decided to make 52 things that make me smile project.
My 52 weeks of photos journey will be uploaded in my Flickr.

Things that make me smile

For this FIRST WEEK of my 52 weeks of things that make me smile, what would be more suitable than a mr.smiley face I got from a friend :) I always wanted to made a year long photo project but never got the courage and commitment to do it. I think this is the time. Just starting little by little, only one photo per week, I hope I could learn so much more about photography. Why I took this theme from my project, I love love love to see little things and searching for things that make me smile will make me feel happy. So after a long hard week, maybe it's good to take something nice to make me happy :)

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