Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013

Although 2012 has been been a rough year for my dear blog, I did managed to do somethings I'm gonna remembered for the rest of my life. In random order, those things are:

1. Won a festival ticket to Katy Perry's California Dream Tour and seeing her in the front of the line
2. Went to Cambodia all by myself and got lost while cycling to the Angkor Wat temples (my first solo travel abroad)
3. Made an insane youtube video (my first), a very bad E.T. version of Katy Perry, though I'm happy I'd made my friends laugh until they cried
4. Watch Jason Mraz live with my dear friends
5. Spent a quality time with my Mum at our holiday at Phuket and Singapore
6. Had a wonderful time at Vietnam with my hubby, I love the food so muuuuuch and the coffee (YUM!!)
7. Performed a surprised wacky gangnam style dance which me and my crazy duo friend made up at an office gathering
8. Made a memorable pictures of my Teddy Bear with each 86 faces at my 'ex'office (from my boss to the office janitor, everyone is in)
9. Found my way home... which mean I'm moving back to my birth town. This is me moving for the 11th time in my life

So those are the summary of my 2012. I had a new start this 2013, living with my husband (we live in different cities since before we got married) and having a new office, so all I wanna work out this year is: courage to go through all of the things ahead of me, moving forward as my strength to let go of the past and focus on now, and listening to my heart as my guidance to make my next move towards my dream.

How's your 2012? And what plans did you made for 2013? Share it with me!
Have a happy happy new year everyone!