Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New York, New York!

I grew up watching and reading American stories. I watched sitcoms like Full House, Small Wonder (Vicky the robot), The Cosby Show, and even Married With Children. I read Sweet Valley Twins series, The Babysitters Club series, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Ghostbumps and lots more! But what always been my childhood favorite was about the life in New York City! All of my childhood and teenager days, I always dreamt to live there someday. There's something that fascinates me about NYC. Maybe because the huge varieties of the people and cultures. Well, I haven't had the chance yet... but I still hoped someday I'll be there!

Here's a few of my favorites books / movies / sitcoms about the life in New York City (now and then):

Book: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
Well, the titles tells what's the book about! It's a funny yet lovely story of a true New Yorker.

Book: Ford Supermodels of The World (series) by B B Calhoun
It's about the life of six young girls becoming supermodels and they have to live in New York City. My favorite among the series was "The New Me" because it'a about an awkward small town girl named Paige who was lucky to become one of Ford's supermodel after her grandma sent the application.

Book: Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume
Again, another Judy's book... I guess I just felt in love with her New Yorker theme books! This one is really funny if you are a girl and growing up.

TV series: Friends
My favorite all time! I watched it since I was in elementary. It was the late night sitcoms, but I always find a way to watched it! HAHAHA... I didn't know what I was laughing at when I was a kid, but after watching it again as a 20 something, I thought that the story was more related.

TV series: The Nanny
This is me and my mum's favorite show! We always watched it together and laugh as hard as we can!

TV series: How I Met Your Mother
I watched his series after I moved to this little town and away from all of my friends. When I watched it, I missed my friends so much, and really wanted to live back to the big city :( Anyway, this story is so entertaining, I love the character of Ted.

TV series: Sex and The City
Of course it's Carrie! Such an America Dream. Girl from a little town, moved to NYC and pursuit her dreams. What an ideal life :) Though it's nice to watch!

Movie: Little Manhattan
A lovely New Yorker romance. I love it so much!

I really really want to go there someday! And like ol' Frank said:
If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere.
It's up to you
New York, New York!

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