Thursday, April 7, 2011


When I first saw this wind chimes, the first thing I thought was Pixar's movie, UP!

Maybe it's 'just' another cartoon movie, but that's not how I felt. It's so much a story of life dan dreams. It made me tear-up! Ellie and Carl had a big dream and they believe and live to it. It made me felt ashamed of myself, because when I'm stuck in finding what I dreamed of, I stopped trying. I always forget the 'little Ellie' that is always eager to travel the world. Maybe I focussed too much on the obstacles. That's why when I found the wind chimes, I have to buy it. It will always remind me of little Ellie. I really love this little girl, because she's not like those ordinary little cartoon girls, who is pretty and fairy-like, but little Ellie was so full of life and is the type of girl that I was :)

This beautiful story from Pixar has inspired National Geography to make a real life house that can fly with balloons. See the clip bellow...

See how amazing one dream can do if you really live to it? The next time I confront with obstacles, I will remember this movie and will continue until I reached it.


  1. nice blog liesh. so you! :)
    you remember Katie Sokoler? I think you have the same interest with her, all fun and colorful things!

  2. Thank you Bam =) Well, actually, she inspires me a lot!