Friday, September 28, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style!

What a great sensation! The wonder hit dance from Korea really hits the globe! Call me cheesy, but I love the dance! Actually Oppa Gangnam is so much fun! I saw in some of the shows that his style is all about: "dress classy, dance cheesy"! LOL... and just with that, that person got totally famous. I personally think that he's so famous because he spread so much happiness, joy, and fun; and those are the basic universal thing for us human beings, so there's no boundaries of language or culture.

If you haven't seen it before, check this out:

This gives me so much idea! I hooked up with a friend to make our youtube gangnam version. Well, we originally wanted I do an exercise to make us healthy, but instead of having a morning run which is hard to do because I cannot wake up early, we decided to do the gangnam dance after work! It's way more fun and healthy because we laugh a lot! To add things up, be bought a gangnam T-Shirt that look like this (still waiting for the delivery :


Well, all of the pictures and videos in this post are not mine and I don't know the source (e-mail me if you have the properties)

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