Friday, September 28, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style!

What a great sensation! The wonder hit dance from Korea really hits the globe! Call me cheesy, but I love the dance! Actually Oppa Gangnam is so much fun! I saw in some of the shows that his style is all about: "dress classy, dance cheesy"! LOL... and just with that, that person got totally famous. I personally think that he's so famous because he spread so much happiness, joy, and fun; and those are the basic universal thing for us human beings, so there's no boundaries of language or culture.

If you haven't seen it before, check this out:

This gives me so much idea! I hooked up with a friend to make our youtube gangnam version. Well, we originally wanted I do an exercise to make us healthy, but instead of having a morning run which is hard to do because I cannot wake up early, we decided to do the gangnam dance after work! It's way more fun and healthy because we laugh a lot! To add things up, be bought a gangnam T-Shirt that look like this (still waiting for the delivery :


Well, all of the pictures and videos in this post are not mine and I don't know the source (e-mail me if you have the properties)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To Live (?)

Once in a while, rather than watching another Hollywood movies, I like to see some indie European movies. Tonight I found this Poland movie, "Jak Zyc" (How to live?). The question really caught my attention because it's a simple question with a very hard answer. Well, that's what happened with Kuba (Krzysztof Ogloza) when he found out that his girlfriend, Ewa (Anna Cieslak) was pregnant. He use to life in the simple life and in seven months everything was going to change. Because he lost his father in an early age, he felt he should learn the ideal way to live. He seeks advises from his three very different uncles.

For me, the story is more about constantly remembering what we want in the first place. In the process of that searching, there are moments were Kuba just looses the reason on why he was searching for that answer in the first place. I think lots of us do that thing too. We just got caught in the work, the problems, the process, and everything else, including the searching is forgotten. I saw that happening to lots of my co-workers, and I don't want to be like that. Got caught in the comfort nor just the problems that they sometimes just don't know which where to go, but when I asked them, why they willing to this and that, most of them say that they worked because of their families and their dreams, but in reality, the work loads get the best of them and the families and the dreams just fading slowly.

Watching movies like this is a refreshment for me, so I kept being reminded why I still work in the big corporate job that I generally don't like. Honestly, I still haven't had that courage to change things, but a least I work because I love traveling so much, and so far all I earn is for my love of traveling.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Man And His Campervan

On lazy Sunday mornings, after making breakfast what I really enjoy is watching this fun adventure journey of a man named Martin Dorey and his campervan driving and camping around England. The series is called "One Man and His Campervan". His journey originality started years before when he decided to put all of his belongings in his 1970's campervan and move to a seaside small town in Devon. Now he lives there with his wife, Jo, and two children. One day, he decided to make that campervan journey through out England
showing his love of VW, food, and surfing. His not a chef, but he loves to cook delicious meals for friends he met along the way. I love to image I was one of those friend. It's really nice to eat a simply but fabulous meal, cooked fresh after fishing and looking at the beautiful sunset near the beach with a friend like Martin Dorey :)

Here is a short preview of the first part of his journey:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Addiction

After a few introduction of this app from my friend, I soon became addicted to this wonderful app called Pinterest. With the idea of having a pin board right on your smartphone or laptop now I can share my visual addiction of endless beautiful pictures on my social network such as Facebook or Twitter. What a brilliant idea!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why I love traveling

If somebody came to me and ask me why do I love traveling, maybe I'll need so much time to explain why because there are so many reasons why I love traveling. This includes:
the markets, the new people I met, the culture, taking photos, beaches, sunsets, sunrise, the bizarre food, famous tourist spot, hidden spots, festivals, hotels, hostels, airports, harbor, other people's life, souvenirs, trains, buses, plane, the air, the water, and sooooooo muuuuuch more! I can't explain why in words, but for me, waking up in the morning to another city is so exciting. I just love being in an unknown place, it makes me feel so alive. So sum that up into a 30 second video, I choose "HAPPINESS" for the reason, because it's the root to all of that loving of traveling. I don't know if I'm to late to ask this or not, but please please please kindly "like" or tweet r even just view my video. Thank you so much! I love you guys :)

I made this 30 seconds video to participate in a traveling contest by CNN and Hilton Hotels. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sawadika Phuket! Traveling with Mum!

Sawadika! Hello! It's been a long time since my last post... So so sorry for that! My blog got a bit dusty in August because I've been traveling around. This post is about my trip to Phuket - Thailand which I took with my Mum. The travel was on late May which is supposedly not ideal to go to Thailand because of the weather, but I bought the tickets last year with checking it first. But anyway, we got lucky because the weather was quite fine so we could go islands hoping.

We spend our first day by island hoping with the destination, Phang Nga, the one famous with the James Bond Island. It was such a unique experiences since I never saw small islands like that before.

We even get the chance to go canoeing in and out of caves around the islands. I was so much fun!

On one of the island, there's a gypsy sea village, where the people lives on floating houses. Mostly the villagers are fisherman and they have lived there all their life.

At night time, we hit the road to try some street food! This one is like a pancake with chocolate and banana. We also tried the-everthing-grilled, then some soup that I forgot the name of it.

The second day, it was sunny! So lucky! So we when to the famous Maya Beach. It's the one famous for Leonardo deCaprio's movie, The Beach. Well, if you think that it would be quiet and relaxing like in the movie, it is so wrong! The beach was so crowded with boats and people. I think it was supposed to be beautiful if it wasn't so crowded.

And there's time for some scuba diving! The fishes was so colorful and beautiful, but once more, too crowded!

After that, we when to an island inhabited by monkeys. I think that the monkeys are already accustom with humans, so the are not afraid if we took pictures. Some people even give them food and cola which I think was not supposed to be done!

On our last night in Phuket, we went to a magical place called "Phuket Fantasea"! I was so wonderful! And what I meant by magical is really true! Me and my mum were like two 5 year old girls, excited to explore everything. The show was so spectacular! It was a combination of ancient and modern circus, dance, theater, and lots more! I was something hard to describe, so I suggest you see it for yourself.

And before the show started, there's a buffet that accommodates 4000 people all at once! 

This is my beloved Mum! She was so excited seeing exotic fruits that we don't have in our country. Just to make the story short, why I took my mum on a trip and make it in my 30B30 list, it's because all her life my mum worked so hard to get me in school and she rarely took time off for herself. Just by seeing her so happy, it's the one thing I ever wanted! And I'm so sure there will be more of trips like this =)

This is what my mum made for us! Duo bikinis! My mum actually made those T-Shirts! She knew my obsession to wear a bikini in the beach which I cannot do (YET!) hahaha... It was so nice of her :D