Monday, June 6, 2011

Dog Party

Did you know that dogs can have as much fun as human? I've been lucky to joined this Dog Party last weekend. Every type of dog was welcomed to come. I don't have a dog, but I had so much fun!

I was greeted by this cool-looking rapper dog.

Watched some attraction perfomed by Mr.Pitbull.

This guy had the best jump!

Don't forget to meet Pretty Little Miss Sunshine.

It's a party! There's always those good looking guys catching your attention!

It ain't a party without some juicy gossips...

This Little Pink Princess had a lot of fun with her owner. Dance 'till drop!

Every party will always have it's weird-looking guy.

And the ones that just can't get enough of the drinks!

But don't worry, the party was totally in control because a goody goody good looking sheriff was around! With his "gun".

And in the end, some lucky guys did find LOVE...

Well, that's all from the Dog Party.
See you at the next one!


  1. One word, envy!
    How lucky you were..
    Love the rapper and sheriff dog's photos.
    Do you know what kind of dogs are they? I wanna have one like in the future :P
    And oh, love the converse shoe in the 1st photo, hahaha..

  2. Hehehe, thank you Bin =)
    It was a hard decision between attending the Dog Party or the Dragon Boat Festival (same timing!) Luckily, I decided to go to this one =)
    Those are Golden Retrievers! Haven't you watch AirBud??? They are the most handsome of the dog kinds! HAHAHA... I think they are so well-behaved dogs (and they don't bark a lot! LOL). You should definitely have one!
    That kinda shoe would look great on the dog! LOL...