Monday, September 10, 2012

Sawadika Phuket! Traveling with Mum!

Sawadika! Hello! It's been a long time since my last post... So so sorry for that! My blog got a bit dusty in August because I've been traveling around. This post is about my trip to Phuket - Thailand which I took with my Mum. The travel was on late May which is supposedly not ideal to go to Thailand because of the weather, but I bought the tickets last year with checking it first. But anyway, we got lucky because the weather was quite fine so we could go islands hoping.

We spend our first day by island hoping with the destination, Phang Nga, the one famous with the James Bond Island. It was such a unique experiences since I never saw small islands like that before.

We even get the chance to go canoeing in and out of caves around the islands. I was so much fun!

On one of the island, there's a gypsy sea village, where the people lives on floating houses. Mostly the villagers are fisherman and they have lived there all their life.

At night time, we hit the road to try some street food! This one is like a pancake with chocolate and banana. We also tried the-everthing-grilled, then some soup that I forgot the name of it.

The second day, it was sunny! So lucky! So we when to the famous Maya Beach. It's the one famous for Leonardo deCaprio's movie, The Beach. Well, if you think that it would be quiet and relaxing like in the movie, it is so wrong! The beach was so crowded with boats and people. I think it was supposed to be beautiful if it wasn't so crowded.

And there's time for some scuba diving! The fishes was so colorful and beautiful, but once more, too crowded!

After that, we when to an island inhabited by monkeys. I think that the monkeys are already accustom with humans, so the are not afraid if we took pictures. Some people even give them food and cola which I think was not supposed to be done!

On our last night in Phuket, we went to a magical place called "Phuket Fantasea"! I was so wonderful! And what I meant by magical is really true! Me and my mum were like two 5 year old girls, excited to explore everything. The show was so spectacular! It was a combination of ancient and modern circus, dance, theater, and lots more! I was something hard to describe, so I suggest you see it for yourself.

And before the show started, there's a buffet that accommodates 4000 people all at once! 

This is my beloved Mum! She was so excited seeing exotic fruits that we don't have in our country. Just to make the story short, why I took my mum on a trip and make it in my 30B30 list, it's because all her life my mum worked so hard to get me in school and she rarely took time off for herself. Just by seeing her so happy, it's the one thing I ever wanted! And I'm so sure there will be more of trips like this =)

This is what my mum made for us! Duo bikinis! My mum actually made those T-Shirts! She knew my obsession to wear a bikini in the beach which I cannot do (YET!) hahaha... It was so nice of her :D 



  1. Seems like you had a great time with your mom. Those pictures look amazing! especially James Bond island. I've seen the pictures of it but always with people in the photos. So, this one of yours gives me a better perspective of that place.

  2. Hello Bama! Long time not see :) how are you? Thank you so much for visiting my almost dusty blog... Yes, we did had a very good time :) I know you like pictures with less tourist on it hahaha... and yes, in some season you can have a quieter Thailand :) When are you going to have another trip? see ya!