Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Debut On Canvas

Finally I got a 24 hours of me time! It's a national holiday on a Wednesday, so I choose not to go home and have a me time instead. Actually I really need it after lots of things that's been going around this couple of years.

I decided that I would make a painting on canvas, something that I always wanted to do but never did. It's the 12th on my 30 Before 30 List. The first one I crossed on my list! I have bought the painting supplies and canvas months ago, but never started 'till now. I'm not familiar with painting on canvas with acrylic paint before. I'm used to watercolor painting, so this is something new.

The canvas I bought was mini-sized. Trying something new like this, I think I'll try from the small size first. I had two square-shaped canvas. My concept was making a painting of a beautiful night. I love to see stars, specially when I'm outdoors and around me was so dark. The stars would be more bright and beautiful if you look it from a very dark place. It's a wonderful feeling and I want to express that on canvas. And the owl, I love that creature! It's like, there's so much wisdom that they can see in the dark of the night. I'll call my painting "Dark Night". So here's my painting:

Painting on canvas with acrylic paint was definitely not easy (it's my first time ever!). It's so much different with watercolor painting. Actually the experience was so much fun! I love making new colors and it was so easy. I got the "feeling" of creating the color I wanted right away. It's different with watercolor paint where sometimes the color we mix doesn't turn out the way we wanted. A little note for me is: I should prepare more brush (so much more) because the brushes was not easy to wash so I need it as much as the colors I will use in my paintings. I haven't really got the right technique yet, so for this one, I have to practice more and make more paintings!


  1. The first painting reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night!!!
    So cool Liesh!

  2. Well, that's my biggest inspiration Bam! I love the picture and the song and the story behind it. Maybe that's why I love looking at stars and moon in the first place :)