Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quote of the month

This month quote is from Mr.A-Z himself, Jason Mraz. It's from his song "I won't give up", the one thing I really need right now. And I guess that three things are the things I have to learn everyday so I won't forget about my dreams.

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I had a dream

After a hard two months of struggling in moving, disaster, home renovation, and adapting to my new life, I finally got a break. Last night, I finally can do things I missed, making my nailart, watching too much National Geography and TLC, browsing Pinterest, and those kinda stuff hahaha... Well, I guess, I'm starting to get back in track, or may I say, getting to roll in the new track.

Well, what happened is that this morning I had a very wonderful dream that I really wish I hadn't got a cough and woke up. I dreamed I was attending a family affair in India (INDIA!!!). I don't know how that happen! But I was so trilled. And when I arrived there, like everyone was so busy doing their own things, and well, like the actually family gatherings, I always was not fit-in anywhere, so while they were busy, I had time for myself to go out for a walk. So, there I was, in India (I always wanted to go there!), having a lot of time for my own, IT WAS AWESOME! Then the next great thing happen, as I was walking down the street feeling happy and all that, I notice that a lot of people dances a long the street. I thought it was fun! Then I took a road without thinking too much like I usually do, and it was heading to a white temple. There was a group of Indian soldiers riding big fancy horses with much decoration on it. As I was walking, I also got in the way of one of the soldier. I'm glad he wasn't angry at me. Behind the soldiers, I saw a lady with a lama (weird, right?) and she said that it was a dancing lama. If I wanted to, I could dance with the lama. Of course I accepted the lady's offer! So she handed me the rope, and she said that the lama will started to synchronize with me first, so we can dance  in the same rhythm. So there I was, holding the lama's rope then I woke up!!!!! UUUUGH! I really hated to have to wake up. The dream felt so really and I was so happy, something I hadn't felt for a long time :( Well, I hoped it will be a real thing and soon hahaha... 

I just wanna share this picture I got from Pinterest, I guess it's because the impression this beautiful lama's eyes that made my had that strange dream.