Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Commuting is regular travel between one's place of residence and place of work or full time study. -wikipeda

This day is the last day of my-two-years-that-I-have-to-live-in-this-tiny-town! It's not that I'm gonna move anytime soon (which I hope I am!), but I'm being free to leave this job whenever I want to! That feeling made me feel way, way, way much better. Starting from tomorrow, I'm so free to leave the company or I could stay, and that will be MY CHOICE :) I'm free as a bird!

I work in a national company that has lots of branches around the country. I cannot choose which town I will be placed. Before I started to work, the company give us a one year education with the return of two years working. I started the education in 2008 and I've been put to work in this town for at least two years and I cannot resign during the two years.

The town where I worked is two and a half hours drive from my hometown and it can be a three and a half hours by bus. I said that it's a tiny town because the town is only one big main street. The town doesn't have any airport, train station, or even taxies! I miss taxi so much. I never knew how much I would need a taxi before. Specially when I have to go home above 8 PM, there's no public transportation so I have to walk (alone, in the dark, so creepy!).

I live in this tiny town for 5 days in a week (I rent a room) because it's to tiring to go back and forth. I go home every Friday nights and go back to work Monday mornings. This is my big problem working in this town. The transportation is not easy! There's no bus (or any other public transportation) that goes directly to the town. I always have to stop in another town then take another bus. At Monday, I have to wake up at 3.30 AM so I could take the early bus (4.30 AM). That's why sometimes I can still see the moon in the morning. The past year I have been lucky because I got a commuter friend (one of my boss) that gives me a ride back and forth by car (yay! Thank you so much Sir!). Unfortunately, starting from tomorrow, he have moved to another town, so bye bye comfort ride for me! :(

This are some views I captured on Monday mornings.

This is the moon near my house at 4 AM on clear day.

This is the morning view at 6.39 AM that I get if I ride by car (the bus have a different route). It's so lovely because we drive thru small villages, so it's worth waking up so early. I'm gonna miss those days.

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