Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Teddy Bear Story #4

Teddy was strolling by the park.
Teddy past by a little yellow flower and picked it.
Now, where would be the perfect spot to see the sun go down?
Thought Teddy.
Maybe near the coconut tree!
So Teddy when there... but was just not good enough.
Teddy when on to find another spot.
And just before the sun goes down, there it was!
A lovely view by the pond.
What a perfect evening!


  1. Love the color! especially the last photo...

  2. Thank you Bam ^__^ The place was just near my house :P

  3. Did you edit it? Because the tone is lovely..

  4. Yes, I edited it a little. It was sunset, so the light was beautiful without needed much editing.
    I love love love sunsets =D