Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vesak Day = Buddha's Birthday

Vesak Day or Vesākha is a celebration of Buddha's Birthday. Celebrating Vesak also means to bring happiness to others. I'm not a Buddhist, but if it's about bringing happiness, it's worth celebrating!

I got lucky this year, I got the chance to go to a Vesak celebration in Borobudur temple. It's in Central Java, Indonesia if you're wondering. It's the biggest Buddhist temple in the world. I love it because it's so so old or people called it ancient! hahaha… There's always a weird feeling going to historical places. I always wondered what it's like hundreds of years ago. I mean, the temple was so old that it's been generations of human that's been there before. It feels so mysterious!

I went to Borobudur Temple early in the morning, hoping to catch the parade. I got there on time. It was a sun shiny day, so it's perfect! The place was so crowded. The Buddhist priest sprinkled holy water to the crowd. Me and my camera got sprinkled! I guess we'll be blessed.

These are the young novices. They are ordinary people who live as a monk for a month to get spiritual developments.

The Buddhist made altars like this one. It's so lovely!

The celebration was a whole day celebration. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay there 'til night, I got to work the next day :( Yet, I still had some fun after the parade. I even saw elephants while I was sitting in the park near by! The elephants was walking towards where I sit! I got a bit nervous, but can still hold my camera to take some shoots! It was so much fun :)

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