Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Happiness... Isn't it what we, human, is looking for our whole life? So how far is your search for happiness? Can you count it? And if you found it, can you keep it? It's funny, because when we were a child, it was not hard to find happiness, so why is it getting harder and harder for adults?

When I was questioning those questions to myself (because normally, a lot of adults are often unhappy), I found this lovely book that considers that same things. The book is by Francois Lelord, it's called "Hector and The Search For Happiness". It was written in the simplest way, like a children's book, but yet has a lot of things to be considered. This book his dryly funny, but somehow made me laugh. It's an enjoyable reading though I don't really like the ending. But if the journey is so much fun, I wouldn't complain much about the destination! Hahaha...

This book is about a young psychiatrist who wondered why a lot of his clients were always unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. The more his clients came back feeling unhappy, the more it made him unhappy too. So when he then decided to have a holiday, he went to the places where he could find the secret truth of happiness. And it was an amazing journey!

A long that journey, Hector made a list of the lessons he discovered. The were 23 lessons. I also write it down a long my reading. I wanted to made my own observation on people around me. I also like to observed people like Hector did! That's why I made this blog in the first place! My lesson so far, happiness had a lot to do with fun! :)

Francois Lelord on Hector and the Search for Happiness


  1. to me, fun has everything to do with happiness but happiness is not only about fun.

    french accent definitely adds to my happiness