Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here Here!

I adore monsters! Especially those cute ones :D
Don't worry, they won't hurt you! They grin :D :D :D

Last weekend I went all over my town to captured these monsters. I found six different locations (it was far away from each other). And even though there are more around town, I thought these are the best ones :D

What really drown me to captured this little guys was their magic smile (they always grin) and they always says "Here Here".
:D :D :D


  1. You did a very good job at finding those monsters in different locations. Nice eyes! :)

  2. It's the spell Bam! Here here! HAHAHA...
    Fortunately I got to captured those monsters on time, because this week, some of them had already been replaced by other monsters =(
    Gonna miss them!