Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To Live (?)

Once in a while, rather than watching another Hollywood movies, I like to see some indie European movies. Tonight I found this Poland movie, "Jak Zyc" (How to live?). The question really caught my attention because it's a simple question with a very hard answer. Well, that's what happened with Kuba (Krzysztof Ogloza) when he found out that his girlfriend, Ewa (Anna Cieslak) was pregnant. He use to life in the simple life and in seven months everything was going to change. Because he lost his father in an early age, he felt he should learn the ideal way to live. He seeks advises from his three very different uncles.

For me, the story is more about constantly remembering what we want in the first place. In the process of that searching, there are moments were Kuba just looses the reason on why he was searching for that answer in the first place. I think lots of us do that thing too. We just got caught in the work, the problems, the process, and everything else, including the searching is forgotten. I saw that happening to lots of my co-workers, and I don't want to be like that. Got caught in the comfort nor just the problems that they sometimes just don't know which where to go, but when I asked them, why they willing to this and that, most of them say that they worked because of their families and their dreams, but in reality, the work loads get the best of them and the families and the dreams just fading slowly.

Watching movies like this is a refreshment for me, so I kept being reminded why I still work in the big corporate job that I generally don't like. Honestly, I still haven't had that courage to change things, but a least I work because I love traveling so much, and so far all I earn is for my love of traveling.


  1. The very same reason why I work. :)

  2. @Bama: as long as you never forgot why you work at the first place :)