Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fresh start in October

October is already here! OMG! I usually don't really care about this kinda stuff, but now I care so much because of this three reasons:

  1. My 30B30 is still a long list to finish to goand time is running against me!
  2. I'm gonna be 30 next year! The worst part is that I'm not even close to the image I made for myself as a thirty something woman (not girl again)
  3. I don't have any mayor plan (yet) for next year (help!)
So, all of that adds up with the job that I don't like, leaves me freaking out!
To help me feel a little bit better, I bought myself a new small classy netbook! I wanna new fresh start plus I really need one. I love love love my MacBook so much, but since my Macbook has no battery anymore, it's hard for me to move around. Then there's the budget thing, I could not buy another Macbook, so my choice is to buy a battery or a small non-apple netbook. After the pros and cons of everything, I decided to buy a 10 inch non-apple netbook. The reasons are: it is small enough, but not too small, and I love the battery life which is 12 hours (said in the brochure and web). Well, it's not a Macbook, but I'm quite okay with it so far because it's what I needed right now. I know that netbooks are so over right now, maybe this is the last of  it's kind, and people will choose tablets, but this one really suits me! So this is my choice:

It's not an Apple, so it will be a Teddy!

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