Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why I love traveling

If somebody came to me and ask me why do I love traveling, maybe I'll need so much time to explain why because there are so many reasons why I love traveling. This includes:
the markets, the new people I met, the culture, taking photos, beaches, sunsets, sunrise, the bizarre food, famous tourist spot, hidden spots, festivals, hotels, hostels, airports, harbor, other people's life, souvenirs, trains, buses, plane, the air, the water, and sooooooo muuuuuch more! I can't explain why in words, but for me, waking up in the morning to another city is so exciting. I just love being in an unknown place, it makes me feel so alive. So sum that up into a 30 second video, I choose "HAPPINESS" for the reason, because it's the root to all of that loving of traveling. I don't know if I'm to late to ask this or not, but please please please kindly "like" or tweet r even just view my video. Thank you so much! I love you guys :)

I made this 30 seconds video to participate in a traveling contest by CNN and Hilton Hotels. 

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