Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Man And His Campervan

On lazy Sunday mornings, after making breakfast what I really enjoy is watching this fun adventure journey of a man named Martin Dorey and his campervan driving and camping around England. The series is called "One Man and His Campervan". His journey originality started years before when he decided to put all of his belongings in his 1970's campervan and move to a seaside small town in Devon. Now he lives there with his wife, Jo, and two children. One day, he decided to make that campervan journey through out England
showing his love of VW, food, and surfing. His not a chef, but he loves to cook delicious meals for friends he met along the way. I love to image I was one of those friend. It's really nice to eat a simply but fabulous meal, cooked fresh after fishing and looking at the beautiful sunset near the beach with a friend like Martin Dorey :)

Here is a short preview of the first part of his journey:


  1. Seems like a cool show! I really like your blog - thanks for the comments on mine!

    1. Hi Sascha!! Thank you for stopping by :) I love your web so much! And I'm still reading your old posts.
      Yes, the camperman is a great show if you like traveling and food, but so sorry it is not vegan food (I know how much you love everything-vegan!). I have tried a whole month being vegan, and it's not easy for a first starter, but I felt so much healthier. I' not a vegan (YET), but I do eat more veggies and fruits :) If you ever come to my town, my mum will cook you loads and loads of vegan food (my dad's vegan like you!).