Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quote of the month

November... getting near to the end of this year makes me totally mellow... And just like this quote says... avoiding things won't bring any peace (trust me!), specially avoiding how you are feeling from yourself... but... that was the exact thing that I do best. The result was, I became so much like Eeyore, so gloomy, gain TOO much weight, and even got a little insomnia. I considered this sad fact when I finally 'really' looked at myself in the mirror and not recognizing the girl in front of me... I've changed so much to the very wrong direction. I did knew it by heart, but never had the courage to do the opposite thing, so I turned to other things just to get through the day, the week, the month, and in the end, the year is almost over. I've come to a wake up call... I know I haven't have the courage yet to change whole thing around, but starting from yesterday, I have change little things. I try to sleep and wake up early and regularly, exercise 30 minutes in the morning, clean my living space bit by bit, start eating healthy food, chat with good ol' friends, and try to search little things that can make me happy. I trying to take things just in the pace that I can bare, and so far it feels good. I want to go back to the right track of being me again.

note: this picture is actually my photo from my very lovely visit to Tidung Island which I think is the right place for the word "peace".

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