Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

November 27th is my Dad's birthday! We celebrated it by eating veggie food and watching The Adventures of Tintin. Tintin is one of my Dad's favorite comics. And it is so great seeing those comic books turn into live! Through out the whole movie, my Dad seriously thought that the characters where real humans! HAHAHA... Thanks to the wonderful art and computer world that now can make cartoon looked like real!

My Dad loves Tintin, Lucky Luke (his favorite of all), and all of that adventurous stories because he himself is an adventurous guy! Maybe it's because those comics and stories that he read through out his younger days. And I guess that's what he always encourages me to love since I was little: stories. I remembered when I was in the fourth grade and my school was being built, the fourth grades students goes to school at 12 PM, after the other kids got home because there ain't enough class rooms. It was fun for me because I could get up late! Sometimes, my Dad took me to watch the 9 PM theater. I remembered I always feel like a cool kid because I was the only kid in that theater hahaha...

My Dad was small village boy who dreamt to go out to the world. Then at the age of 19, he went to the big city to pursue his dream. After that, he made it by living in various countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Australia, Vancouver, Philadelphia, and others that I can't remembered. He lived in each countries for about 3 months to two years. I still don't know how he did that! Actually, a part of me wanted that too... but I haven't find a way to do that. I hope someday I will have a great adventure like my Dad!

Well, this is the Tintin trailer:


  1. I gotta admit that you have a real cool father! I do envy your father for his traveling experiences. You have a tough job if you want to surpass his traveling experiences L..
    BTW, it's Lucky Luke :D (you might want to edit it since it's your father's favorite). And I really think that I read the same comics as your father: Tintin & Lucky Luke. Also Smurfs and other comics by Peyo.

  2. HAHAHA.. thanks R :D I never thought it like that when I was younger, but now, I envy him too :P Our generation now have lots of better choices because of the Internet, I think we supposed to do more :P
    Thanks for telling me... Hahaha... I'll change it. I read them too, but what I really love is Smurfs and I'm so happy with the movie! Oh, and I love the"working song" too! hahaha.... Have you see it?