Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The day I was sick

I was planning to make a post about Halloween, but "something went terribly wrong" (quote from Ted Mosby - The Slutty Pumpkin episode hahaha…). First, my new Internet connection won't connect. It won't even work at all =( So here I am with a week with no connection. How did I get this post in my blog? Well, I have to go to the nearest Internet cafe to post it (note: in a rainy day).

Second thing, I got sick! Getting sick at work was not a good thing at all… but I got a traditional treatment: kerokan. I don’t know what language that is, but I guess it is Javaness. Kerokan is a traditional Indonesian treatment to cure sickness by using coin rubbing. I don’t really get the scientific approach, but after the coin-rubbing thing, our body gets warm, and it increased the blood flow near the skin surface. Look at the mark I go!

Well, I kinda looked like an abused victim LOL… So horrible! But I doesn’t hurt at all. I requested the most gentle rubbing because I’m not used to it. The sicker you are, the marks would be more red and just by a gentle rubbing, it will already leave a red mark. After a few hours, I’m getting better (it’s also because the soup, the medicine, and a little rest). So I guess that was my costume for this year Halloween =P


  1. Is that you, Liesh?
    I haven't had any kerokan since a loooong time ago. The last time I remember, I never like it.

  2. HAHAHA... who else can it be? :P
    I never liked it too, but that day I don't have a choice, I need it! Luckily, I meet the right person to do that :P