Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost Katy...

Just like Katy's new single "The One That Got Away"... This is exactly how I felt!!! I'm so sad I lost Katy's concert tickets just by seconds! Katy Perry is going to have her concert in Jakarta, Indonesia at January 19, 2012. The ticket box was only opened for one day at November 27, 2011 and it's already sold-out (just one day!!!)! Because I don't live in Jakarta, I'm counting on the online ticket system which was starting selling, today at 9 PM. I was so prepared. There were only 25 tickets of the seat that I wanted to buy. I clicked it as fast as I could... Then, after I click the continue button, I got a "Bad Gateway" message!!! I refreshed it in just seconds, and the tickets were sold out already! D*MN! I tried to buy the more expensive tickets, but it only took not more than 5 minutes to be sold out! I am so sad =( I really wanted to see Katy Perry in live because she's so damn good in singing and performing! And partly because I wanted to fulfill my 30B30 list. Katy is so good that her 5000 tickets were sold out only in a matter of minutes! Boy oh boy...

Well, that's all for now, there's nothing I could d0. I guess I just have to find another concert that I like or see Katy in Manila (?) Still deciding which one is better.


  1. Attending her concert in Manila! You're going to get two birds with one stone! Traveling to Manila and seeing Katy Perry :)
    I just found out that getting a ticket for such concert is so hard. Well, thanks for the enlightenment, L!

  2. Hm.... will think of it! I don't even know how to get the ticket there >,<"
    Well, some concerts were just too popular so the tickets sold out pretty fast! But most aren't like that.