Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Movie: The Art Of Getting By

This was a 2011 movie which was piled up in my big file of un-seen-yet-movies. I first thought it was just another teenage movie, but soon realized it was more than that. I kinda felt in love with the character of George. He was a weird introvert arty smart kinda guy. He tends to think too much! Makes me think about someone like that :P It's George's way of seeing life that makes the movie interesting for me. When he was little, he read a quote "you are born alone, die alone, and everything else is an illusion". It really changed his way in looking on life. I found it very interesting because in some way, the quote was true. And by thinking that all of this is just an illusion, I think there is nothing to be afraid of. It made sense for me! It really gives us only two choices: to do something or not to do anything at all. Well, while George took the second choice, things changes and made him re-think about the life he choose. 

The movie maybe is about choices as a teenage, but I think it was deeper than that. Because right now, at the end of my 20's I kinda started to re-think more about how I've lived my life. If it's just by doing what people expected me to do? Is it worth it? Can I changed it? But, will I? Deep down in my heart I know all of the answers to my question, I just need courage to do so. What about you?

Here's another movie poster with a different title. The movie was premiered under the title "Homework" at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Bonus for girls, George was played by Freddie Highmore, the one who played Peter Pan in Finding Neverland - I've watched that movie about ten times and never get bored.

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