Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jason Mraz spreading the L.O.V.E

If there is no limited of time, money, nor space, and you ask me which musician I would love to see live, I would not think twice to answered: JASON MRAZ! I love his works, I love his sound, and I desperately want to see him live in concert. So went my friend called me up to see his concert on June 22nd, I definitely said YES.

Maybe my limited English cannot describe the wonderful moment I had there, but what I can tell you that it was so amazing, the melody, the words, the atmosphere of the night, the companion, and everything else was just so beautiful! I enjoyed every second of it and hoped it last longer.

is a four letter word

There was so much favorite songs and I loved loved loved the live version. Much more better than the recording version, the live version gives me shivers and it's incredibly beautiful. The show was the night before Jason's 35th birthday, so we got to sing him "Happy birthday" -Hey, his Cancerian like I am! =) Mr. Toca didn't come, so he is replaced by this talented violin named Mirrett Lear. I really love how they can communicate through music. It's like the violin and guitars are the unspoken words but I was a whole conversation. Too bad I cannot play any instrument, but I surely want to have that kinda connection. My favorite of the night was "Mr. Curiosity", a song Jason made on his birthday. Not only I love the meaning and background of the song, but I love the way he sang the high notes! It was so magical! The whole night was =)

Here, I liked to share some not-so-bad photos from the other bad photos (we couldn't bring DSLR camera). I don't really mind because I saw the real live thing! =)

My place was far away from the stage

Jason Mraz singing Mr. Curiosity by playing the piano alone

Trying my best to get (a) picture, but failed

And it was a great night mostly because I had my dearest friend by my side =)

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