Friday, March 2, 2012

Window to Eiffel

I was browsing for some android apps when I found this screen lock of a window to Eiffel Tower on a cold day. It's great because it's like a frsty window car, so it feels like I driving in the streets of Paris. The fun thing is that we can make drawings on the frosted window. To open the phone, we just have to pull the window down. Really nice app =)

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  1. Cool apps. What's the name? I guess I need something like that. Got really mellow after today's notification. Gosh, it's really bad to ever want something so badly!
    Oops, wrong place to say such things, HAHAHA.
    Seems like android has treated you well, better than your last one, lol.

  2. Yes indeed :) I use Go Locker for my screen lock. This is one of it's new theme. I just added last weekend :) hahaha... I know how it feels to want something so much, I wish you luck for the next one :) cross my fingers!
    Android did a great job :) and I'm so happ with my ArcS :P

  3. Thanks. I installed it a few days ago. I am thinking of changing mine to SGSII, lol. I found the very bad weakness on my ace :(