Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ta Prohm: get lost in ancient time

The gateway of Ta Prohm

The famous 'Tomb Rider' background

I'm not a fan of history, but when I'm in an very ancient site, I sometimes got carried away. Like what I felt when I was in Ta Prohm (Cambodia), I felt that I got lost in ancient time. I wondered what was like way way back then. I've learned that the place was originally called Rajavihara. Ta Promh is located east of Bayon Temple. It was a monastery and university, so I image what is like sitting there and learning about life. I was a very beautiful place to be. I love how the very big trees makes the place cool in a warm sunny day. The trees going out from the ruins really gives a mysterious atmosphere. I stayed there quite long than any other temple in the Angkor Wat area. I was so beautiful that I hope one day I can come back there.

An isle in Ta Prohm, made me imaged what was like to be a student at that time!

A France painter was taking his time to draw the amazing scene

The dancer relief

The most amazing tree that grew in the ruins, so complicated yet beautiful

The tree is humongous! So fascinating =D

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