Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life in a day

Today is Monday. I got to bed too early, just at 6 P.M. after work. By 10.45 P.M, I woke up to a call of a friend of mine who just ended a very terrible relationship. I felt sorry for my friend, but I guess that's just how life is. So what would I do at 11.30 P.M if I'm not sleepy anymore?

I decide to watch "Life in a day". I recommended you to watch this movie:

This movie really amaze me... It's about life in a day on this planet earth. Really breath-taking. This movie really represent our generation, the generation of Internet and the power of people. Maybe it needs a great director to make a great movie, but what is more important is that great idea to make a movie of what is like living on this planet earth in a single 24 hours. This movie was taken on 24 July 2010. I love the genuiness of the video, it was shoot by lots and lots of people in the world. It really shows so much how we are so different as individuals but yet we still do the same stuff as human. It's a story of LOVE, FEAR, and HOPE.
I don't know how someone made up this idea, but I was so much great!

Stories that I love is the part when an old couple celebrate their 50th birthday by making a re-new vow, so funny! Then the man how loves his refrigerator so much (?!?) hahaha... About fear, I like how a little girl describe her fear of monster and all that stuff... every human has fear and it shows that children fear of those abstract things, while growing up those fear shift into something more real. In the end, we are all the same, what people really fear is "uncertainty". But it's funny when we talk about hope, "uncertainty" makes it alive. We still have hope because that uncertainty factor gives us the possibility to reach what we aimed. It's so funny how life is!


  1. From your description I know that I have to watch this movie. Sounds really interesting!

  2. Yes yes yes! You must watch it! I think that everyone should watch it! It's amazing :)