Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Trip To Singapore (again)

This is my second trip to Singapore and it's not a kinda of adventurous trip. I considered it as a second honeymoon (the first one was in Bali). I got to spent 5 days there. YAY! So it's time to have fun.

I went to "The Jungle of Madagascar" in Universal Studio to meet King Juliens. After all, he's the king you know LOL! I had one whole day to spent in Universal Studio. It was so much fun! My favorite ride was The Mummy Ride. It was so AWESOME! The ride was in a dark place so you wouldn't know the tracks and it's not only moving forward, but it can stop, move backwards, dan even spin around. So cool!

My second highlight of this trip was going to Singapore Zoo and met the real King Juliens. What I love about this zoo is that most of the animals are keep loose. It's really a great experience to be so close to these wonderful creatures.

The animals are keep in the man-made habitat and it really looked like the real habitat that I saw in the Discovery Channel. This is the white tiger, the real king of the jungle. He's just so lovely!

After the Singapore Zoo, I went to the Night Safari which was beside the Singapore Zoo. Just by walking through the connection door I got there before it's opened. The Night Safari opens at 7 P.M. until 12 A.M. It's not a place for flash photographers because flash lights can harm the animals. I was a bit angry with this guy who was keeping taking pictures with flash even though he was reminded a few times by the guard! I think the Night Safari was the best part of my trip! I love the show where the animals are so close to us. This picture is a huge phyton snake, hidden in a box bellow the bench where I sit. So cool! Then the white owl fly above us, and some other animals that was passing through a wire above the audience. The safari itself has a walking track and a tram ride track. The walking track was so much fun because the bats are flying everywhere! The the tram ride was also cool because it's not a closed tram, but it's opened-air one, so animals can approach you! What an AWESOME experience! :)

I also went to Jurong Bird park because the advertisement of this place was quite huge and it's everywhere. Well, it's a beautiful place and the birds were beautiful, but I'm not a fan of bird watching. You'll need half a day if you want to see the whole place because it's quite huge. You can also feed the birds by donating SGD 3. It's just a lovely park.

What I love to do in a travel is to discover other culture, so I went to Little India. The place was so colorful with flowers and saris everywhere! I bought an India top (the fabric is so beautiful!) and I got to try some India food made by Indian. I tried the prata bread with the curry and lamb. YUMMY! The Indian in the place I bought the food don't speak much English and I lack of knowledge of India food, so we got this really large portion! But we finished it anyway LOL!

Then, it's Chinatown! And it's all about food and souvenirs. This place is a nice place because they still take care much of their heritage. To find souvenirs you have to go to some shops to compare the prices, because if you're in a hurry, you'll get the price almost twice the price in the other shop. What I like here were the scarfs. It's so pretty, light weighted, useful, and it's not expensive!

In Chinatown, don't forget to try "the century egg". Well, this is new for me! I tried the century egg porridge. The egg was black it has spots. It tasted like an egg (it's an egg after all! HAHAHA...) but the texture was a bit different. Well anyway, you should try it for yourself! :)

NOTE: Just a note for you single people out there, please please please help yourself by having your first ever honeymoon right after you got married! Don't postponed it because it will be different. You don't have to go to a far away place if you don't have the time nor budget, but you can consider somewhere nice where you can spent time just the two of you alone! I always say this to my wed to be friends. Trust me!


  1. My favorite is also the Mummy roller coaster! It was super fun!!!

  2. HAHAHA! I wanted to try other Universal Studio! So much fun :D