Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harry Potter oh Harry Potter

Finally! The final movie of the very long years of Mr. Potter! I kinda feel a little bit sad -that's how I feel every time I have to end something. I remembered the first Harry Potter movie, I was still in college! Me and my friends had to take a train to another town! At that time, the theatre at our town was closed due to a fire accident. Actually our town used to have 4 movie theaters. But, after a fire accident that burn two of the big theaters, people started to be afraid to go to the other two, so both was closed-down about 4 years before the first Harry Potter movie. So no watching movie in theaters for a very long time! Thanks to Harry Potter, we really went to that town only to watch Harry Potter then we went home! HAHAHA....

A year after that, before the second Potter movie, the new shopping mall had a theatre so we don't have to go far away just to watch a movie! It went on for years, where I always watched Harry Potter on the theatre because DVD ain't just enough. Until this final Harry Potter, there's trouble again. Our government somehow decided to banned every western movie! Oh no! But it was a coincidence that I went to Singapore at the time Potter was playing! So I get to watch the final movie of Mr. Potter at another country! HAHAHAHA... What a long journey it has been! I guess that's a very good ending of a very good decade of Harry Potter :)

If you look at the movie posters, look how he (Potter) has grown! And I told my friends (whom I watched the first movie with), look how we got old! HAHAHAHA...

note: At the beginning of August, all western movies are allowed (again) to be played in the theaters of my country. Thank God! Can't wait to see Cars 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 :)

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