Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Teddy Bear Story #1

One day, Teddy was walking alone in the fields.
Suddenly, the old southern wind past by and blown away his red scarf. It was his favorite scarf. Teddy was sad.
He asked the little white flowers. "It went that way!", said the flowers pointing to the woods.
Teddy went in to the woods but he still could not find it.
He search the whole field until it was almost dark. Then the sun said, "You should go home now."
So Teddy went home. He was so sad.
But then, he heard a soft whisper, "Here's your scarf."
Teddy look up and there it was. It was his favorite scarf!
It was hanging by the red stem plants.
The southern wind had accidentally blown Teddy's scarf then it returned the scarf to Teddy's house.

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