Monday, April 4, 2011

Life Lesson: BURLESQUE

Have you seen the movie? It's top rated, my friend :)
It's not only about the singing and dancing, but specially about the life lesson that is great. Maybe it's a typical American dream story, but it'll always get my interest. Small town girl with big dreams got what she wanted in the big city (not in an easy way). I wondered how many "real" life stories that is like that? How many people really dare to go and risk everything to pursue their dreams? It gave me the same feelings when I watched those reality shows like American Idol, American Next Top Model, Project Runaway, etc. It is always fascinating to get a little encouragement by watching what other "real" people do to pursue their dreams. I need that sometimes because you need to look up once in while. Actually, if I didn't watch this movie, I think I've thrown all of my dreams in a box and buried it.... So maybe it's just a reminder, especially to those who is almost letting go of what you dreamed of.

The highlight of this movie is when Cher sang "Last of me". I loved it sooooo much! I have been at that point of life. It was on December 2008, the hardest part of pursuing my dreams so far, but I went through all of that. Thanks to a my lovely friends. Anyway, when I first saw this song, it made me tear up. You should see this!

And what's a movie without the guys? HAHAHA... I loved Jack, played by Cam Gigandet. Maybe it's the way that he stares, so intense... huuumm...

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