Friday, March 25, 2011


Have you ever been at a crossroad? I bet you have. Well, I've been reading my old blog that I started in 2007, and I figured-out that there were many crossroads that I have traveled through 2007-2011. I kinda felt funny when reading my thoughts back then. It almost sounds like a different me hahaha...

Since I was little until college, I took the kinda straight way, not much crossroad as I remembered. That's why until now, I still find it difficult to make up my mind. Sometimes I over think it too much, but in other times I don't think at all! I haven't find a comfortable way yet, but I guess I'm still learning about it (a lot!). The best way to do it is, think well, but not too much! Easy to say but hard to do!

After reading my old blog, I discovered there is one road path that I have left but worth to find again. Something I want so badly back then (and still do!). I want to find that road again. It's not that I'am sorry of how my life turns out, but if that road still opens for me, why not?

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