Thursday, November 22, 2012

The remake of Vietnamese spring rolls

Look what me and my mum made

A couples of months ago, I went to Vietnam and felt in love with it's foods! Everywhere I go there, the food is so delicious. The street food, the fast food, and of course the restaurant food. I specially love the food I ate at Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). I think they have the best food ever! So last week, me and my mum want to remake the famous Vietnamese spring rolls.

Our version of Vietnamese spring rolls

 Well, I didn't get to take a picture of the process because I was to busy to make them. The outer layer was the tricky part. I bought it from the Ben Thanh market. I was dry and we have to dip it in a warm water and it was sticky, so we have to move fast in putting in the raw veggies and the shrimp. I got the recipe from the Internet. I just combine some of the and added to my (poor) memory of how it actually taste! HAHAHA...

Proud mother - daughter

Well, here are the spring rolls! It didn't look really good as the "original" version, but it was a nice try for a first starter HAHAHA... At least I enjoyed our mother-daughter weekend thing =)

Errrrrr.... this is what the spring rolls suppose to look like!

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