Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Friends: the side effect

Watching Friends in a not-so-orderly sequences makes me wanna do the TV Show in the right order. So it goes to my 30B30 list. Recently, I've just had the time to start watching it again, since the last time was unsuccessful. I've just finished the whole season one when I started to realize the side effects of watching Friends. Since 2008, I have been living on my own, don't get me wrong, I loved it. But after being put to work in a remote place which is far from any of my friends at 2009, I'm completely ON MY OWN. So watching those six best friends, always seeing each other, taking care of each other or even just joking around, gives me that very bad side effects: I missed my friends! ='(  I really miss having a small gank like that, I used to have one at college, but now, I don't even have a friend to go with after work. It is so depressing. I was okay being alone at all times, but being alone + watching Friends = not okay!

Look how cuddlely they are... I want a gank like this!

So, I still have 9 seasons to go. I still wanna finish the legendary TV show in a sequences. Only God knows how long I could take the side effects. Does anybody have (and still) have a gank like this and still manage the work life these days? Please let me know how?

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