Friday, November 2, 2012

The question of moving on

Just a while ago, I got a chance to catch up with a friend I haven't talked to for about a year. After all of that catching up, about our lifes, our friends and all that stuff, comes that bigger question, "Have I move on?". After all the stories about someones promotion, having babies, moving to a new place, going somewhere, have the new business, I kinda felt the urge to ask myself, where am I now? How much I've change since a year ago and sadly, not much had happened. I'm still stuck in that job that I don't like since 3 years ago, I'm still living in this darn town, I haven't had any babies (which is okay for me hahaha), and I'm just still complaining about the same thing a year ago. That really hits me. I haven't moved on from the place I was a year ago. I guess it's a bit of a wake up call. I don't wanna be trapped in the position that I don't like but afraid to do something about it. This year has only two months, I'm trying really hard to figured out what to do to get out of this situation. I just need that courage to move on...

What about you? Are you complaining the same thing that you complained a year ago? Please tell me what to do...

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  1. You have to decide what you want and what makes you happy. Then set a target when you will do things to change your life. It happened to me last year. I know I had to quit the job around May/June this year. That's why I booked the flights to Laos, China and Sri Lanka. :)