Wednesday, October 3, 2012


There not much words to describe how much excited I was when I first saw this movie thriller

TED - The movie

OMG!!! A story about a TEDDY BEAR and it's alive! What more fantasy could I wanted? If you don't know me yet, well, I'm a Teddy Bear lover since I could remember. I have one specific Teddy which I love and have been with me since I was 5.

Three generations and a Teddy Bear
My Teddy has been everywhere with me. The truth is that I still sleep with him/her (?). So seeing TED makes all of my fantasy come to life!! I kinda wish that my Teddy will come alive too, what a wonderful it would be! HAHAHA...

Well, when I was little, I have a dream to take my Teddy to go around the world with me, but since she/he (?) is a bit to big, specially for an adult (ehm..) like me, I decided to bring a model one which is smaller. But if latter on in my life I would move to a another city or country, I would definitely bring my Teddy with me.

Too put off a little bit of guilt, not bringing my Teddy to my travels, I thought it would be appropriate to take him/her with me to see the movie TED which is in theater last September (in my country). So, I took my Teddy in my backpack and brought him/her back to my hometown and we watched TED together! I kinda wanted to buy a seat for her/him, but I guess that's just too much hahaha! Well, thank you for the great creators of TED for making my dreams come to movie! You guys are amazing!

Teddy in a backpack
Me and Teddy (and my mum) watching TED
Well, I don't know how long we will be together. I'm married and still have m Teddy Bear, so I guess that's great, isn't it? My dream is to have a beautiful ending like this:

a happy family and a teddy bear

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