Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Waiting in uncertainty for a ticket

This day is such a torture for me! If you read my previous post "Almost Katy" where I didn't get the Katy Perry ticket for her concert tomorow, 19 January 2012, you will know why.

After failing to buy the ticket because it's sold out only in 5 minutes, I tried to find other ways to get the tickets. My rule is only one, I don't want to buy from unofficial sellers. So, I followed various of quizes, starting from the end of December 2011 until today.

Actually, the whole experience of getting the ticket is so intents and mind changing. This is the second time in my whole life that I've done something so focus and it feels great! I learned some life leasons along the way, like how to set up a goal, have measurement to achieve it, and being focus (focus is a big issue for me). Being that ambition to get a ticket, I ended up being a huge fan of Katy. Like a crazy fan, I have her cds, posters, dressed like her, and even making a video! Then I read like the whole story and gossips of Katy, followed her Twitter and much more! Hahaha...

I'll write the journey for a ticket in my later post. I have so much tell. This is one of the photo I submitted for a contest:

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