Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Surprise! Surprise! I got The Versatile Blogger award!

Well, it's not often that I got an award, so I'm so happy to get this one. This award is more about friendship and making connections, so I would happily be a part of it. Here's the three things I should do:

First, I would sincerely thank Harinda Bama, a blogger buddy, a great traveler writer & photographer, a wonderful traveling friend, for sharing this wonderful award! And for the description about me, I loved it so much! Never knew someone would thought it like that! THANK YOU, you're awesome!

Second, here comes 7 random facts about me:

1. I'm a girl who loves a song by it's lyric! I'm not good in music but I love it so much! And I could not live without my iPod :)

2. Teddy Bear is my love! LOL… I love Teddy Bears since I can remember! Especially, a very special Teddy Bear I got when I was five. Ssst… I still sleep with him (or her?) HAHAHA…

3. I like watching people and wandering what their life is like. I don't judge, I just WATCH. I think that's what I like to do since I was little. Maybe I'm a watcher rather than a do-er (that's the sad fact). I don't know why, but watching other people's life can amaze me. That's the idea of my blog. I want to be able to captured interesting things about life. And now, I'm trying to come out as a do-er rather than just being a watcher.

4. When I was in the 4th grade, I have this theory that the mind is the most powerful thing a human have. I didn't know that theory like that was something popular because I never heard of it before. I discovered it when I wanted to go to the kitchen at night. Our kitchen was so dark and far from the living room where everyone is, so it was a bit scary. One day, I tried to go there and not thinking that it was scary. It was a success! I didn't even felt scared at all. Then I did another trial, I went there and thought all of the scary stuff that could happened. It worked! My heart pounded so quickly and I was so afraid that I ran out as fast as I could.

5. I secretly wanted to be a model! Why? I love their job: to tell a story with the scenes created and they get to travel the world to do that! I think that not all models are stupid. Some were even so smart and have a good value of life. I sometimes envy girls who have the body of a model but don't want to be a model.

6. My favorite time of the day is sunset! It's like the happy bright day is over and we entered to a mysterious dark night, so exciting! I have captured a lot of sunsets and I wanted to see more in the weariest place of this world (cross my fingers).

7. And last, all I ever wanted in this life is to have a ticket of the world! A phrase I took from Spandau Ballet song "True". I hope in a not long time I would have it!

And last, in no particular order, I would like to dedicate The Versatile Blogger Award to:

colormekatie My idol! Katie can always brings up my best mood. I love her life, her blog, and even her cat. A dear friend who shares a one year training experiences and now become a fellow blogger, traveler, and photographer.

A Sparrow‘s Flight A very nice blogger friend who shares beautiful stories about life.

aroomsomewhere I've followed this nice blog from a long time ago. She a wife, a mother of two, and a great blogger.

neil slorance Neil has the awesomest doodle ever! I always enjoy his arts.

I would also say thank you so much for those who read my blog. It's so fun being able to share a piece of life...


  1. A model? wow! who would have guessed that you have such thought :)

  2. gleg.... that‘s why it‘s secretly hahaha... well Yes I would really liked to if I have a body like a model, but there‘s just things that we cannot change :P so it‘s merely just something I have in mind...