Saturday, March 2, 2013

When the night comes

When you were little and growing up, have you ever wondered what it's like when nights falls? Well, I always do. I when I was 6 or 7, I had to get to bed no later than 9 P.M., but I know that not everyone have to sleep at that time. That's what makes me wonder, what is like at night time? And growing up, I get to know the life of night time. By college ages, I lived at that moment. By this age know, I have lived by the day time, night time, and even dawn, where most of the world was sleeping because I have to traveled at that time. But for now, I went back to the "normal" life. I know that "normal" is a stereotype, but that's how I would described it. It's been two months now, and normal for me seems more and more to be a scary word after all.

To spark things up a little bit, I have recreated what seems to be my imagination when I was a kid! To be the owner of the night, have the streets for myself, and dance 'till the sunrises!

The street is ours and you can't have it!

Dancing in the streets! What I've always wanted to do :)

And you could always sleep (if you wanted to.. but not me!)

Woohoo! It's our playground tonight!

With our friend, the ninja photographer!

And never forget to bring your beloved with you!

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