Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Letter is L

Tomorrow. Wednesday. 6 P.M. My house. The letter is L.
I have decided, I'm gonna inked a letter "L" on my wrist like the picture above (I got from the Internet). I first thought about the idea in the bathroom when I saw my letter "L" pendant. "L" represents my name Liesha, and not only that, I remembered that my lovely grandma's signature is an "L" Latin alphabet. I admire her so much. She's a very strong intelligent woman. She reads lots and lots of books, she owns a bookstore, her favorite author was Pearl S. Buck, and she loves to grow orchids. She have lived in the difficult times and yet have made an success by her own. Had traveled to Australia by herself at the time when traveling was not easy. So for every reasons, I want to put that spirit into something permanent. And L also stands for LIVE LIFE, LOVE, and LAUGH, all that make life worth living for.
So grandma, this is for you :)

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