Friday, May 4, 2012

Life sucks when...

- when nobody cares if I have a life or death or anything in between
- when I put so much effort on a job I hate but got little results of job done
- when people starts making plans and agenda for me
- when my friends are so far away and I just miss hanging out with them :(
- when routine sucks my life and I have no room and space for creativity
- when I cannot plan for something that I love to do because there's just no time
- when in a whole week there's just nothing to laugh about
- when I'm late making a weekly post
- when I have to lose a ticket for a trip I've been longing for
- when I want to go to more solo travels but cannot do it oftenly
- when I'm just so far from what I wished I could be

And worse of all is that I cannot complain nor be angry with anyone or anything :(
Sorry for the gloomy post, it's just I'm so cranky the whole week and I thought I want to post this as a documentation of what I felt.

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  1. What happened with the ticket you've lost? Which ticket? Well, make it two then, pretty much I have your life.
    Hey, read this post :
    Quite funny post and it releases tensions a bit :D
    Actually, right now, when I was writing this comment, I actually wanna shout out loud. I guess I have to find some time (and place) to do that :P

  2. @robintheblog you know, the one to Lake Toba T___T
    I've read the article, quite funny and yes... I live in one cubicle too T__T hahaha... You know, just pick a country and buy a ticket, figure the rest later :P can you do that? hahaha....