Friday, April 27, 2012

Train Journey

The train journey

On my journey from Bandung, West Java to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, I took a 8 hours train journey. In 8 hours on the train, what do one supposed to do? Well, I could either read a book or just simply sleep, but figured out something more exciting to do. First, I saw the beautiful views like this from my window:
We're on a bridge!

What you get along the way, so stunning!

Than, I thought, I wanna try something more trilling! So I walked to the middle part of the train to find a picture went the train turns.

Walking between compartments

And the best thing about trains transportation in Indonesia, well, you can just open the door and look outside! I know it's dangerous, but the view was so stunning and I can't help myself looking outside and taking picture like this one while we were crossing a bridge. It was so trilling because there's so must risk, but on the other hand, this too pretty to not look at. I literally just hang on to the door and started taking pictures.  

I'm just hanging on the door and peeking out!

And when I looked down, I saw something like this, and my heart was ponding because of the height. And I'm on a moving train with the door width opened, just hanging by the door.

What a view!

The whole trip was exciting. We even stopped in some little cities and saw people running towards opened doors to sell something. What a nice trip I had!

Some people are running towards opened doors

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