Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I love this song so much and just then I saw the video, it's somehow awesome! It's kinda seeing my younger life. For me, growing up was kinda though, and i always feel that no one understand me and I don't fit in anywhere. I still don't know why it was a bigger deal back than. Maybe that's what most teen feel. Then, if you survived and you go out of your parents house and life on your own, you'll face more difficult situations that "fitting in" is not an issue anymore. For me, facing the uncertainty and having too much choices (a.k.a. fredom) are my issues for know. There are no guide line anymore, but if there is, I wouldn't want to follow it anyway.

The funny part is, I still have my childhood Teddy Bear like the girl in the video and the owl wall sticker in her daughter's room. I hope I'll have that happy ending too.

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