Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Picnic At The Beach

It's a holiday indeed! What would be more fun than having a picnic at the beach? What a pleasant time :) and I love love love beaches! This time, I went to a beach called Ngobaran in Gunung Kidul, Central Java; about 2 hours from Yogyakarta. This beach haven't been a tourism area yet, so there aren't much people there.

The unique thing about this beach is the statues of various beliefs that are combined in one place. It's shows how well the different beliefs get a long in this society.

This is a statue of Ganesha, Hinduisms most popular deities.

You will also find some Buddhist stupa. This stupa is like the one at Borobudur temple.

The symbol of a hand is the symbol of an old belief called "Kejawen". This belief don't have any scriptures like any other religion, but at the core is the concept of peace of mind.

This is the overview of the lonely beach. It's a perfect place for a picnic!

The beach is beautiful with it's white sands.

I found this spot to be a little bit scary. The white rocks kinda look like a pile of skull. It gave me goosebumps! HAHAHA...

It's not a picnic without bringing something to eat! I packed some sandwiches, snacks, and some drinks :)

At the end of the day, I was so happy having this lovely picnic :)
How's your holiday?


  1. Never heard of this place before but it looks pretty cool!

  2. I know! I never heard it before, until a friend of mine went there and told me about the place. Finding the place was a fun part too! I love traveling to a road less traveled :)